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Film & Photo Sets By Natasha Nicolaou

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"Ugly Sweater"

Production Designer

Ugly Sweater is a feature film written by Gemma Farquar and Lauren Musgrove and is directed by the Emmy winning Lauren Musgrove. Ugly Sweater takes place in 2011 and Production Design included building a period correct teenager's bedroom on a soundstage at the Paramount Theater and transforming this this set to represent the troubling dreams of an anxiety ridden college bound teenager played by Deja Monique Cruz, (Disney Channel's The Crossover).  Additional production design was provided for scenes in a thrift shop, parents kitchen, and college dorm. Props fabricated include a dream jetpack and custom designed branded college paraphernalia.

"The Doer"

Production Designer, Wardrobe, Producer

The Doer is a short film written and directed by Richard Williams. The project filmed at a single location in Lowell, MA starring Scott Salley, Julia Bechler, and Michael Gilbertie. For the sets of The Doer, a modern loft apartment was transformed into a sparse bachelor's studio apartment with warm tones and vintage vibes. Special attention was paid to create a world that would tell the story of the past, journey, and dreams of the main character.  Custom props were sourced to fill out the sets with images of macho stereotypes and childhood heroes.

"She, Who Dared"

Production Designer, Producer

She, Who Dared is a 1920's period piece written and directed by Gabrielle Rosson. The short films tells the story of director Lois Weber's fall from Hollywood grace. Production Design for this project involved creating a complete set for Lois Weber's early home and set dressing many locations including a glamorous party scene, 1920's film studio, film set, and dressing room,  and Lois Weber's home later in life. Special attention was paid to adhere as close as possible to period correct decor on a very small budget and to create a consistent color palette from scene to scene. 

"Step Right Up" 

Location Set Builder & Dresser

Step Right Up is a short film written and directed by Kris Salvi. Kris used my studio as a location for "Big Dave's Coffee Maker Emporium". For the Big Dave scenes I created a set that evoked a junk shop filled with unique, strange, and beautifully quirky items to create mystery and humor as a backdrop for the enigma of a shop owner, Big Dave. 


Production Designer & Producer

Joyceana is a short film written and directed by Richard Williams. The project was filmed in a family home in Harvard, MA. In order to create a perfect flow to fit the script of Joyceana, the set dressing team flipped the living room and dining room in the house and the dressed the sets to create the story of a home of two professors that has remained unchanged over time. 

"Hold It Back"

Production Designer

Hold It Back is a music video for FEATURED featuring Mari Kattman directed and shot by Mark Allison. The Mari Kattman scenes were shot on custom sets meant to evoke a sense of glamour, mystery, and a bit of oddity. 


Production Designer, Co-Writer, Producer

PSA is a short, playful, tongue-in-cheek play on vintage Public Service Announcements directed by Christian Sherman. For the production design on PSA we completely transformed a home to create a vibrant, crisp, and vintage feel for the first half of the film and a gritty, glowing, grindhouse style for the latter half of the film. 

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