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Its Time To Create  A Space Where You Truly Feel At Home

Whether you are looking for guidance with every room in your home or you simply need advice on how to complete a room with finishing touches, a Design Consult is a great way to start. We offer a wide variety of service to suit any stage of your project including:

Interior Design Consulting: Get inspired, find your individual style, and design a room that fits your style and budget

Re-Designs: This is great for clients who have a starting point and need help working with what they have. Sometimes taking what you have and giving it a little refresh with a few new accessories or accent pieces can make a world of a difference!  

























Color consults: Let's work together to find that perfect paint color, color scheme, or simply finding out which colors and combinations work best for you in your space. 

Holiday & Event Decorating: This is a wonderful resource to use for holidays, dinner parties, wedding or baby showers and more. Consult once and have you'll have a foolproof guide for elegantly decorating your home for the holidays for years to come!



Have a Consult Scheduled?


~ The best way to prepare for a design consult is to walk through your space or spaces and write down any and all questions you may have. It's extremely easy to forget about small questions during a walk through so its handy to have a back-up list to make sure all of your design concerns are addressed. 


~ Take some time to think about how you would describe your style and what you envison for the spaces you are consulting about. A lot clients find an easy way to do this is to create a Pinterest board of rooms or styles that you gravitate towards. You don't need to find exact pictures of what you want your room to look like, but its a great way to get a feel for your design aesthetic and better help you create the room of your dreams.


~ If you have questions about particular furniture, accessories or paint colors that you are thinking about using, have pictures or links ready to show ahead of time so you can make every minute count!

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